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WODProof academy training programs


become better than ever before

Tailor-made programs for athletes at any level

Each one of us has different goals.
Want to crush the 2021 Open?
Want to become fitter than ever?
To improve your Gymnastics or Weightlifting skills?
Looking for the best HIIT or bodyweight programs? 
Getting into a lockdown?

The PRO Package WODProof Academy has it all!


9 training programs IN ONE SUBSCRIPTION

launch price - only 9.99$/MONTH

developed by the best coaches on the planet:

Become fitter than ever.

A program for CrossFit® athletes by Árni Freyr Bjarnason | The goal of this program is simple: to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains. It includes plenty of weightlifting and strength work as well as gymnastics and a variety of metcons and aerobic conditioning to build the engine.

Strength & Weightlifting program by Oren Shai

Oren worked with Olympic games qualified athletes, and CrossFit athletes. Improve strength and build confidence with the barbell (especially in overhead position), so you could control the barbell way better when the heart rate is high during a WOD, online qualifier, or your next competition.

HIIT - Lean Muscle

From high intensity and challenging movements for the most experienced athletes, to an easier version that any beginner athlete can do, while getting the same great feeling at the end of the workout. This program can be done perfectly with one dumbbell and a jumping rope or at home with a tailor-made bodyweight version.

GYMNASTICS Program by Thuri Helgadottir

Athlete level: Beginner - Advanced - Competitor Thuri’s gymnastics background helps her to crush every tough event with gymnastics movement, as we all remember from her 2016 Regionals Nate event world record. Thuri created this program as a 3-time a week ADD-ON to your current program.


Make your weakness your strength with 3 days a week Add-On program that allows you to keep your training the same, and add specific work on your weakness. Anna Muhle designed the best rowing program for CrossFiters “active recovery” days and learning a good technique.

Masters' Legacy by Bill Grundler

Bill Grundler started his competitive CrossFit career at 40 years old. Bill has won his CrossFit Open Masters Age Divisions (45-49, 50-54) for the last 8 years. He knows what it takes for you to SUCCEED!! He IS your age. He KNOWS how you feel and what you NEED!


AT-HOME and HIIT programs

Athlete level: Beginner - Advanced: If you are in a lockdown, or just need the ultimate At-Home minimal equipment training program: we've got your back! Get full access to the 5-days a week training prorgrams: At Home Progrm by The Progrm, and HIIT - Lean Muscle program now!

Core Strength by Active Life

Designed by doctors and coaches, and created with the goal of solving common problems that most fitness programs do not address. You’ll be squatting, deadlifting, and carrying some heavyweight. This 3 days a week program will make sure you work on essential areas that are typically neglected, to get stronger, and avoid future injuries.

Nutrition by Zoe Vincent

Zoe is a qualified nutrition consultant, coach, creator and owner of Fika Nutrition. In the upcoming 12 weeks, you will learn how to set realistic, but specific goals, we will look into your food diary, and dive into the importance of proteins, carbs, and how to build the best shopping list. We will talk about sleep, water, and more.



Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, when you subscribe to the PRO Package, you get full access to ALL WODProof Academy training programs. 

The WODProof Academy is integrated in the PRO Package. You can choose from a monthly subscription for $9,99/month OR a yearly subscription $83.99/year (save 30%).

Yes, the Supreme program created by Arni Freyr, Thuri Helgadottir’s coach and includes a very challenging weights, skills and reps scheme.

Yes, every workout includes a scaled version or RX and you can choose the version that is relevant for you.

Weightlifting and strength sessions are based on your % so you can work accordingly and see results from week to week.

Yes, the SUPREME program is WODProof main 5 days a week program for athletes at any level.

This is an ongoing program, built in 12 week cycles, and you can start the next cycle immediately when you finish the current one. 

This program can be your main training program (60-75 min a day), while you can combine it with one of the other WODProof Academy laser-focused Add-On programs depending on your goals.

Every training session is about 50-75 minutes.

This duration is perfect for you to work on all the CrossFit/Functional Fitness elements, and improve your fitness, strength and gymnastics skills.

If you have more time for extra work on weaknesses, you can add one of the 3-days a week programs (Rowing, strength, weightlifting, gymnastics, core, and more…)

The first 12 week cycle includes 5 training days a week program, and the 5th training day is a long conditioning workout around 35-50 min.


Day 1 – Weightlifting + Metcon

Day 2 – Strength + Functional/Accessory work

Day 3 – Long and challenging metcon 

Day 4 – Weightlifting + Metcon

Day 5 – Aerobic Conditioning + Gymnastics Accessory Work


From the second 12 week cycle, the program includes 6 training days a week program, and the structure is:

Day 1 – Weightlifting + Long Metcon

Day 2 – Strength + Metcon

Day 3 – Engine (Run/row) + KB/DB Accessory work

Day 4 – Weightlifting + Strength + Short metcon

Day 5 – Long Metcon + Gymnastics Accessory Work

Day 6 – Monostructural Zone 2 Cardio / Active Recovery


Our recommendation is to take a full rest day after day 3, and do the Active recovery on day 7. This way, you can let your grip rest in the middle of the week before we start Day 4 with a weightlifting session, strength, and a metcon.

The 3-days a week programs allow you to choose what is your most important goal and weakness, and get a professional laser-focused Add-On program to your main training program, created by the best and most experienced coaches (Gymnastics, Rowing, Strength, Weightlifting, etc…).

The structure allows you to choose if you want to add any of these programs to WODProof Supreme 5 days a week program OR to your existing program.

We recommend you to choose only one “Add-On” program at a time.

Yes, you have access to all training programs. 

However, in addition to your main full training program, we recommend to follow only one “Add-On” program at a time.

The idea is to make sure you focus one main goal (Rowing, Gymnastics, Strength, etc…), and avoid over-training situation.

Yes, this is exactly why we created the program as a 3-days a week add-on program.


our recommendation:
Do the Strength-lifting sessions on days that you don’t have any other “high intensity” conditioning/intervals training.


If you do two sessions per day, do the Strength-lifting session first. It is a high volume program with some new or challenging movements and a lot of total reps and weight. It requires you to come in fresh as possible, to maximize your improvement and most importantly to avoid injuries.


If you do two sessions per day and you do the Strength-lifting as session 1:

-Skip any other squats or heavy pulls from session 2 (if there are any of these). 

-Consider reducing weight from heavy metcons, or scale down shoulder movements (MU, HSPU etc…) to avoid over training or injuries. 


*The first 3 weeks may feel really good and you might heat some PRs and feel stronger. DON’T rush to increase weights and get more and more PRs. The overall volume can surprise you later in weeks 4-6. Leave your EGO outside the gym, trust the process and avoid overtraining or shoulder injuries.


Yes, the subscription starts with a 7-day free trial, and you can cancel before 7 days OR at any time after.