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Part 1 | From the community, for the community

WODProof team was built by athletes, who competed in local events such as the Open and CrossFit® Regionals. We were faced with the same problems as every other athlete from beginners to the Games’ elite. Everything we created in WODProof came from a deep understanding of our sports’ requirements with the intention to provide our community with the best solution.


After WODProof solved the main recording and logistics issues, we worked hard to make WODProof the ultimate triangular solution; addressing the three pillars of Integrity, Clarity, and Experience.


Integrity between other athletes, the event directors, video reviews teams, and fans.


Adam Grinker, WODProof founder:“How many people do you know that can say they do Fran sub 2:00? The answer is everyone. But how many people can really prove it?”


Clarity of the data we see on the screen, to make the video review process easier, videos more fun to watch, and to maximize the value of self video reviews for athletes to analyze from workout to workout in a continued effort to improve.


The best, simplest, and most fun user Experience using, all in one mobile app.

Our first slogan in 2016 was “ Forget the logistics, just workout”.


The first big step to improve the integrity came after the announcement that National champs can now qualify to the Games from the Open. With all the great and exciting things it brought us, it gave a short path to the Games for people who couldn’t even dream of qualifying before. The majority of the athletes are honest of course, and they work hard as hell every damn day to get better, but there’s a tiny portion of people, who will do whatever it takes to qualify.


This is why we came up with the WODProof GO Timestamp.

This feature was made for the same reasons and served the same 3 core values: Integrity, Clarity, Experience.

Now it’s way better than ever before, but there’s always a room for improvement.


Brian Friend, “The numbers game” & CrossFit® analyzer:“As our sport continues to grow and evolve, we need companies like WODProof to push us forward as we continue to legitimize competitions both big and small. For over a decade online competitions have been integral to this sport. The process of continually ensuring integrity on that platform takes another step forward with this new technology.”


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