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WODProof is the ultimate solution for athletes of all levels. Easily record your training, customize and share with our community. Improve your performance with access to our worldwide library of athletes’ training videos.



Only PRO Package members can join “Team Toomey”, “Vellners Vindicators”, “Team Ohlsen” “Filly Fanatics” and “Team Thuri”, train compete and share scores with the best athletes in the world. The athletes watch and like their team members performance and leave comments to the best performances.

Record your workouts and save scores to your training log

Record your workouts with a built-in timer. Quickly start a workout with your own customized timer.

Add a new workout to your training log. Manage and share it with your followers whenever you like.

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Join an ever growing community of driven athletes striving to discover the best version of themselves. Post your videos to inspire others and encourage friends through comments and likes.

Create and perform your team’s workouts.
Inspire your team by sharing your scores and check scores of others at any time. Watch your scores on the leaderboard, compare yourself to others and improve your performance.

IMPROVE YOUR PERformance and expand your limits

Count reps and track your performance. Post your full length videos and inspire other community members through your results.

WODProof gives you the platform to build a professional and easy to use video portfolio. Track your progress, achieve your goals and even compete against the best athletes on the planet.

Real-time HR monitoring

Track your performance like NEVER before!
The new PRO Package comes complete with Heart Rate Monitoring feature.
Using your Polar HR device, WODProof will help you understand the efficiency of your movements.


״I love the WODProof app because it holds me accountable on a Metcon and also can humble me on a WOD. Either way Wodproof never lies it’s the proof!

Gabe Swaba
Gabe Swaba, 23, USA

WODProof provides integrity and verifies the hard work of its users. In addition, WODProof has a super user-friendly platform.

Chad Kackert
USA, 31 years old, Level 2 CrossFit Instructor, Canadian Football League’s 2012 Grey Cup MVP.

WODProof allows me to focus on my workout, without wasting any time.

Royi Shrager
California, 28 years old

Getting addicted to filming my workouts.

Nataly Soboleva
Israel, 27 years old, worldwide competitor, 2017 Meridian Regionals team member in Maccabeast

Finally being able to record and time qualifier workouts easily and comfortably!

Domenic Becker
Germany, 26 years old

The WODProof app is awesome. It’s easy to use and allows for great video results. If you look at the video at the end, you have a feeling of being a pro.

Katharina Klar
Germany, 39 years old


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Patrick Vellner

28, Canada

Second fittest man on earth 2018

Pat has an incredible gymnastics background. After he retired from gymnastics, in 2012 he started doing CrossFit. In 2015 made it to the games with the teams and a year after, he took 3rd as an individual at the CrossFit games as a rookie.

Have we mentioned he did all that while he was a Chiropractic student? Starting the 2017 CrossFit games with an event win at the obstacle course, he gave us stellar performance becoming the 3rd fittest man on earth for the second time.

I’m able to turn up the intensity when it’s time to hit the floor, but I’ve never found it useful to keep your stress levels high all day.

Patrick is aware of everything, always watching who’s breathing behind his shoulder, but still. Keeping it light and joking helps him stay focused. The combination of these two polar attitudes is what makes him such a unique character, even outside the gym.

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Tia-Clair Toomey

27, Australia


17/18 Crossfit Games Champion – Fittest woman on earth.
Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist
Olympic qualifier in weightlifting


She is the only CrossFit athlete to have competed in the CrossFit Games and the Olympics in the same year.

On her first time qualifying to the CrossFit Games she finished 2nd and earned the distinction of Rookie of the Year.

During her second season she finished 2nd as well. Lucky you say?

The year after, she started by winning the run – swim – run event, from there, she hardly took off the leader jersey all weekend. After showing her complete lack of weaknesses, Tia became the fittest woman on earth (2017) and in 2018, Tia has proven to be the best once again.
Tia is the fittest woman on earth.

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Marcus Filly

33, California

I’m a husband and a new father who competes to keep testing who I am at the edge of my comfort zone. I want to keep discovering who I am through fitness.

Marcus’s moto is: Honesty. Commitment. Persistence.

He trains and breaths the functional bodybuilding movements as a way of life. He believes that the essence of the movement is that training shouldn’t constantly beat you down, but rather build you up and make you feel great.

Marcus is a 6 times CrossFit Games athlete.

Captain and member of the Phoenix Rise in the NPGL, in 2016 earning 1st team honors, and in 2015 earning the award for leadership excellence.

With his ever evolving functional bodybuilding movements, he’s growing stronger and inspiring the community to train in a new ways.

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Amanda Franden

31, Sweden

When you hear strong woman, the first thing you think of is Amanda.

The mother of two amazing girls, Amanda has competed at the CrossFit Games twice with CrossFit Solid and as an individual at the Meridian regionals in 2017. In the offseason, she is constantly competing worldwide, from Cyprus to Dubai, she’s always among the top female athletes in the world.

Amanda bends barbells daily with a snatch of 90kg, clean and jerk of 110kg and an easy deadlift of 175kg. Every time we see her in action, we get motivated and understand that it’s all about how bad you want it, and there’s no room for excuses.

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Thuri Helgadottir

AKA: Thuri-Small But Mighty-Helagadottir

27, Iceland

Gymnastics, track and field background

2016 Regionals Nate event world record


I feel like it’s better to have some kind of plan, even if it doesn’t work out perfectly, than to have no plan at all.

4 Times CrossFit Games Athlete, 2017 Second fittest woman in Europe and 18th fittest woman on earth, National Iceland weightlifting champion, Thuri represents the epitome of competition, fighting for her spot at the games every year, her drive and spirit competitive are a constant inspiration! She’s the total package.

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Noah Ohlsen

26, Miami.

From being just a scrawny little dude that didn’t have a path.

Noah has fallen into a sport and lifestyle that he loves.

Noah is a five times CrossFit Games athlete, striving to become the fittest on earth. He has an unbelievable commitment to working hard and living the lifestyle of an elite athlete. Whatever it takes, Noah makes it happen.

He has trained 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for the past 8 years focusing on everything from Olympic weightlifting to gymnastics to running.

“I am very passionate about my roles as a son and brother, a boyfriend, a dog dad, a coach and a friend.”

Noah is the 4th fittest man in the world, member of Team USA, 2016 CrossFit Games Open world champion, and this is only a taste!

His astonishing competitive history is only good that his future in this sport knows no limit!

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You can find your video in your camera roll (IOS) or in your gallery in WODProof album (Android).

You can post an unlimited amount of full-length workouts.

Keep inspiring us! We are waiting to see your performances.

WODProof vision was to enable our users to share and inspire the community with their full-length videos. It could cost our users a lot of money to have an unlimited storage package in WODProof, so we found the best free solution for you. Upload your performance to YouTube and just add your video URL to your post without an additional fee.


We appreciate your support during the last two years. We developed all the new features to give you, the community, everything you ever dreamt of and more. We’ll appreciate if you will contact us by emailing to and tell us if you have any idea.

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Private accounts are visible only for their approved followers.

Just set the specific post to be private.

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WODProof band


In order to stay fit, we know you won’t allow yourself to miss training sessions even if it means that you’ll train on unusual hours of the day. It isn’t always so easy to prepare all the logistical issues on your own and focus 100% on the workout.

To get everything you need from WODProof and manage to use it all by yourselves, you need somehow to be able to activate the camera, watch the current time and progress stats during the workout (live).


Meet WODProof Band.


WODProof Band is your new best training buddy. He’ll be there for you whenever you train, always with you.

Now you can activate the timer or video even if you’re far away from your mobile. You don’t need to worry about your time or activate the big clock on the wall simultaneously,  just watch it on your WODProof band screen.

No more lines drawing on the whiteboard to count rounds, just tap shortly on the WODProof Band and keep grinding.

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