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Noah Ohlsen

26, Miami.

From being just a scrawny little dude that didn’t have a path.

Noah has fallen into a sport and lifestyle that he loves.

Noah is a five times CrossFit Games athlete, striving to become the fittest on earth. He has an unbelievable commitment to working hard and living the lifestyle of an elite athlete. Whatever it takes, Noah makes it happen.

He has trained 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for the past 8 years focusing on everything from Olympic weightlifting to gymnastics to running.

“I am very passionate about my roles as a son and brother, a boyfriend, a dog dad, a coach and a friend.”

Noah is the 4th fittest man in the world, member of Team USA, 2016 CrossFit Games Open world champion, and this is only a taste!

His astonishing competitive history is only good that his future in this sport knows no limit!