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Patrick Vellner

28, Canada

Second fittest man on earth 2018

Pat has an incredible gymnastics background. After he retired from gymnastics, in 2012 he started doing CrossFit. In 2015 made it to the games with the teams and a year after, he took 3rd as an individual at the CrossFit games as a rookie.

Have we mentioned he did all that while he was a Chiropractic student? Starting the 2017 CrossFit games with an event win at the obstacle course, he gave us stellar performance becoming the 3rd fittest man on earth for the second time.

I’m able to turn up the intensity when it’s time to hit the floor, but I’ve never found it useful to keep your stress levels high all day.

Patrick is aware of everything, always watching who’s breathing behind his shoulder, but still. Keeping it light and joking helps him stay focused. The combination of these two polar attitudes is what makes him such a unique character, even outside the gym.

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